Power of 5 Investing Pillars

Upland Financial Partners’ investment management services are driven by some fundamental beliefs that are borne of leading-edge research and a quarter century of experience. Our entire investment philosophy has been distilled into a proprietary investing system called Power of 5 Investing®.

Five Steps of Investing

We follow a disciplined five-step process in managing your investments.

Live on Five Percent

In our experience, getting the withdrawal rate right is far and away the biggest determinant of your retirement success. 15+ years of advanced academic research suggests that, depending on your longevity, a withdrawal rate between 4-6% is appropriate for most retirees. With this guideline in mind, we’ll help you build a sustainable retirement income that meets your needs.

Five Years of Stability

Portfolios should be built in anticipation of volatility, not in response to it. Our “Stability Bucket” is a disciplined approach to taking the emotion out of retirement investing. We determine your withdrawal needs for the next five years and immediately set those aside in a low-volatility Stability Bucket. Any remaining assets are invested for longer-term appreciation in a diversified “Growth Bucket.” In a bear market, the money in your Stability Bucket will help you ignore the temptation to sell growth investments at fire-sale prices.

The Five Percent Limit

No single holding should represent more than 5% of your portfolio-or, as the old saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversifying your portfolio with non-correlated assets is critically important, and we will work with you to modify your portfolio as required to ensure this balance is maintained appropriately.

Five Words of Wisdom

“It’s never different this time.” In a bear market, people who think that this time is different, and that the market won’t bounce back, sell their stocks to people who understand that this time is never different. Power of 5 Investing stands steadfastly with the optimists.

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